Throughout my ministry, I've created a number of different shows.

Currently, I release my sermons in podcast format on:

Your weekly feed of sermons/reflections from Rev. Bri-anne Swan and East End United Regional Ministry, an affirming (2S & LGBTQIA+ positive) community of faith in Toronto, part of the United Church of Canada.

Engage in conversations about the intersection of faith and justice by checking out:

The wilderness is a place to reflect. To discover who we are. To grapple with all that is wild and uncertain. To figure out what we stand for. Where God is revealed. With guests engaged in the work of standing up for Truth, join Rev. Bri-anne Swan as we explore what it means to answer God's call to seek justice and resist evil in this beautiful and aching world.

Part social commentary, part spiritual reflection, part biblical study, and part prayers for an aching world, the Do Justice Podcast examines the intersection of faith and the secular through a faith-based, social justice lens.

Formerly the Living Presence Podcast.