About Bri-anne

Rev. Bri-anne Swan is currently Lead Minister (Minister to Congregation and Community) with East End United Regional Ministry in Toronto, an Affirming congregation of the United Church of Canada. She is also a singer/songwriter with a heart for all those who have been told that they do not belong. Bri-anne has served as Community Minister for the Living Presence Ministry, Minister for Social & Ecological Justice and Communications at Shining Waters Regional Council (United Church of Canada), and Minister for Digital Community, Growth and Public Witness with Jubilee United Church.  Since 2019, Bri-anne has been leading Resistance Church, a justice-focused, online ministry that reaches out to those for whom traditional church models are not always relevant or accessible.

Passionate about facilitating spiritual encounters in digital spaces, Bri-anne has hosted the Do Justice Podcast, the Wilderness Times Podcast and Sermons from the East End.  You will often find her editing video, writing a song, or designing something for online worship. Bri-anne is also a spiritual advisor to incarcerated individuals on Texas' Death Row.  

Bri-anne shares in life with her spouse (Rev. Jason), their two children (better known as The Lockdown Brothers), as well as their rescue dog (Dobby) and one-eyed cat (Alastor).

Instagram: @resistancechurch
Instagram: @rev_swanny
Tiktok: @resistancechurch