Clemency Appeal for Ramiro Gonzales

Please consider adding your name to Ramiro's clemency petition.

Clemency Appeal for Ramiro Gonzales
Bri-anne and Ramiro in 2016

Ramiro Gonzales is an artist, a poet, and a friend to many. He is also a convicted murderer. Ramiro lives within the walls of the Alan B. Polunsky Unit on Texas' Death Row. He is scheduled to be executed on June 26th, 2024.

I have known Ramiro for 10 years. We began as penpals. That relationship morphed into a deep friendship. Upon entering ministry with the United Church of Canada, I became Ramiro's Spiritual Advisor. I will accompany Ramiro inside the death chamber, holding his hand and praying as he is killed. You can read David Wilson's account of my relationship with Ramiro here. You can also read some of my thoughts about Christianity's relationship to the death penalty.

Years ago, I wrote extensively about my relationship with Ramiro and my thoughts on capital punishment. This writing has waned for many reasons, some of which I hope to explain in time.

For now, I want to let you know that Ramiro's attorneys have been working tirelessly to try and save his life. However, as each day passes, time is running out.

Ramiro is quite guilty of the capital crime he was convicted of. There are moments when I am so saddened and enraged by what he has done that I'm not sure how to stand it. I pray every day for the family of Bridget Townsend. She did not deserve what Ramiro did to her.

However, the man Ramiro is today is not the same boy who committed those horrific crimes 23 years ago.

Please consider reading Ramiro's story and, if you feel so moved, sign the petition requesting clemency from the Board of Pardons and Parole. In addition, you are also able to send your own letter to Governor Gregg Abbott and BoPP.

More to come.

In peace,

Rev. Bri-anne

Image credit: Elisabetta Diorio